I had a father who liked the mountains.
Anachronistical current project: Gipfeltreffen.

An installation working with photography, archival material and
interviews. Layers, history and stories. GE-SCHICHTE_N
On concrete.

One can also think about something that is not acute.
A book about Imma’s bookcollection.

Also this is a book (N°1) about a house and 53 identities, that make that space a place.
I gathered the material while living in a caravan and finished the book in a hot summer in
June. – One month before my father ended his life. (Of course) I didn’t know that by that time.

A Cup of Colours.

And this is another book that is kind of the baby of N°1.

A treehouse.

Ein Flummi

wartet im Kaugummiautomat.

All the time

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