It has been seven years since we last hugged. That was one day before you strungeled yourself in your old flat. You used the door between kitchen and hallway to hang youself up.
I don’t have your permission to use this picture of yours here on the right of this text. Forgive me for this Papa. I know you would love me going into the mountains and climibing like a capricorn. I remember you were very fond of those kind of wild things. So this is what I will do now. Going into the complexity. Which coexists with straight forward simplicity. Some people have more load to carry than others, while others have more strength. Some carry their loads on very easy terrain, while others have to cross steep mountains and muddy waters.

Gipfeltreffen is my current project in which I explore which stories are making and shaping a person. How do past narratives feed into present and future of one’s life?